The year of 2018 is in full swing, and I’ve gone and got myself a new pair of dancing shoes so I can join in the fun.

Just a little introduction for you all. My name is Vicki Jade, and I’m a writer, gamer and student, here to share with you my world within those hobbies.

Everyone is welcome here to read and comment, or email me via the contact page if you’d like. I will always encourage my readers to comment, and contact me and tell me about your thoughts on the post, or the topic, and even to let me know about information or a book or game I might like! I love to have that connection with my audience.

Some exciting things to find on this blog are, stories from writing prompts (from various sources); personal reviews of books and games, maybe even some videos of my gaming (one day); I’ll also be doing blogs on my study, my organisation for my study – including free planners (yippeee), and how I keep (or try to keep) my motivation as a distance student.

While I haven’t blogged in a while, I do have major plans for my blogging future, and they are already under construction as you read this, some may have even been completed and signed off for public viewing! So far the goals for this blog are to post at least every two weeks, on a Monday, with more photos and short messages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook during those two weeks.

I am aware that not everybody has every form of social media so my blogs are going to be available to read on any of my social media, listed at the top of this website.

Looking forward to meeting you all, as I write this blog, and share with you my world,



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